Photo by @KalitheBirb

Rane Husky (left) & TimeSuppression (right)

TimeSuppression is an asshole kangaroo (who pretends to be a husky) originally hailing from the great state of Connecticut, but currently residing in his home of 5+ years, Northern Virginia.


His preferred pronouns are He/Him & is always accepting of They/Them as well.


TimeSuppresion is one of the con chairs for Furpocalypse, a Connecticut based furry convention that occurs yearly in October around Halloween. He also leads the main events department there, overseeing all aspects of the audio-visual production as well as some of the programming needs for the space.


Along with that, he’s also staff for various other conventions and events around the United States. Notably, Anthrocon, Midwest FurFest, Texas Furry Fiesta, and Lights Out, Barks Out!


His passions include traveling, riding motorcycles, and being a lazy fucking asshole. He also makes Motorcycle related YouTube videos! You should check them out!